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Prosthetic Devices

​Patients having structural deformities are prescribed prosthetic devices which replaces the missing limb. These include upper and lower limb prostheses providing some structural and functional restoration.

Orthotic Devices

Orthotic devices are corrective appliances for deformed limbs which provide alignment; stability to joints; restriction to unwanted movements; pain relief; and compensation for leg length discrepancies.

Wheelchair & Mobility Aids

Appropriate Wheelchair, wheeled mobility and other auxiliary devices are provided to patients with severe physical impairments. These are either used in combination with prostheses/orthoses and for patients to whom other assistive devices are not beneficial.

Cosmetic Appliances

Cosmetic appliances are non-functional devices given for cosmetic purposes such as breast prosthesis for mastectomy patients.

Gait Training

Gait training refers to a specific type of physical therapy that helps you improve your ability to stand or walk. While wearing the appliance, it accustoms the patient weight bearing, balancing, walking, climbing and ambulation on artificial limbs.

Mobile Unit Services

In order to reach out far-flung patients in the remotest of places, Chal Foundation has devised a team of experts who visit patients through its customized vehicle. This vehicle is equipped with orthotic services along with casting.

Services Agreement

Chal Foundation provides advanced technology appliances at competitive prices. The commercial services help the foundation to generate adequate revenues for the provision of free patient services.


Referrals are made in cases where stump shape does not comply with the requirement for prosthetic fitting and thus re-surgery may be recommended. Referrals may be given for orthopedic and cosmetic treatment, for medical rehabilitation of spinal cord injured, and for psycho-therapy counselling.

Other Services

Other services include repairing and replacement of devices and provision of mobility (prostheses) to C-ARP (Children-Amputee Rehabilitation Program) children. It also facilitates to link its patients with other disability focused organizations through participation in events, workshops and exhibitions.

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