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Chal Foundation feels honored to be a facilitator is improving quality of life of people benefitting from its core competency of mobilizing through artificial limbs, mobility aids and wheelchairs. Historically, it had been working at the tertiary care level, and now it is seriously considering primary care interventions like Diabetes Foot Care and Road Safety.

Chal Foundation is proud custodian of a dedicated team with pristine expertise in current technology. It is also aggressively working toward developing it's capacity in cutting edge technologies like 3D Printing/Scanning and Myoelectric Prosthetics. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is second to none.

Our contributions extend beyond the products we create. The compassionate care and support we provide to our patients, from the initial consultation to the ongoing follow-up, is an integral component of our mission and service. Our empathy and understanding is aimed at making a tremendous impact on the well-being and confidence of those we serve.

We are and wish to remain the largest network of Prosthetics and Orthotics in Pakistan, and may consider expansion beyond our boundaries soon Inshallah. Together with our communities, we will continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of people needing our services and build a brighter future for our beneficiaries.

Pakistan Paindabad!

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