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Chal Foundation, is a non-profit organization registered under Societies Regulations Act 1860. It was founded on 30 July, 2010 and is approved under section 2 (36) (c) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. Chal is certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) and partner to International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC). It is annually reviewed by one of the leading financial audit firms KPMG.


Our mission is to ensure exceptional and coordinated care as well as sustainability of appropriate rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Pakistan and facilitate their integration into mainstream society. We intend to achieve our goal through provision of assistive devices (Prostheses, Orthoses and Wheelchairs etc.) and related physical therapy at the nearest place with regular reviews.

Chal Foundation is a sustainable initiative to serve the physically challenged people of Pakistan. We enable the physically challenged to:

  • Walk, by replacing their missing limbs with prosthetics

  • Stand, by providing orthotics for skeletal deformities

  • Raise, by providing spinal cord injured with mobility aids (wheelchairs and crutches)


At Chal, it is believed that every child and every person has the right to live a fulfilling life regardless of any disabilities that they face. Any form of support can help a child with disability to go to school or an adult with disability to go for skills training or generate livelihood for their families. It also assists in making people work with their hands and stand on their feet as contributing citizens.


  • Mobility through assistive devices

  • Capacity building and training in rehab technology


To effectively run the operations of Chal Foundation, the organization is led by a professional management team. Chal’s governance structure is comprised of a board of governors who bring their expertise to steer the foundation in line with its vision. Our frontline staff are all certified and among the best and brightest professionals in the field. In terms of financial systems, we follow best practice internal controls and cost effective SOPs, to ensure that donor funds are most effectively utilized and we can fully account for all our expenses. We are regularly audited by KPMG and ICRC in this respect. We follow internationally recognized Quality of Care protocols.

Every child and every person has the right to live a fulfilling life regardless of any disabilities that they face

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