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Number of Vacancies:





Closing Date:

22 May, 2023



40 to 50 Years



MBBS/MBA/BS PnO/MSc Rehabilitation/Any other relevant qualification



15 to 20 years in sales, relationship management, promotion or donor development in private of social sector (Charity Organizations – Hospitals marketing/resource mobilization, International Donor Agencies Local/ International Foundations – Running an NGO)


  • Information Seeking, Customer Service Orientation, Relationship Building, Developing Others, Teamwork and Cooperation, Sales Ability / Persuasiveness, Communication, Impact

  • Must have excellent written & fluent communication /presentation skills and confidence to address audience/media in regional & foreign languages will be an additional qualification.


Chal Foundation is a Non-Profit organization registered under Societies Registrations Act 1860 which was founded on 30th July 2010 and is approved under section 2 (36) (c) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. It is certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) and partner to International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) with its registered office located in Kashmir Plaza, Blue area, Islamabad. Our mission is to ensure exceptional and coordinated care as well as sustainability of appropriate rehabilitation services for persons with disability in Pakistan and facilitate their integration into mainstream society through provision of artificial limbs.

Job Description

  1. Manage the Prosthetics and Orthotics rehabilitation center facilities and team in Karachi

  2. Guide and facilitate the team and patients in handling complicated cases of Prosthetics and Orthotics

  3. Remain technically conversant with the latest products and future developments

  4. Engage with patients for the purchase and advise of mobility aids

  5. Collect frequent feedback from patients and users

  6. Improve services and products continuously to remain competitive

  7. Explore and Deliver OEM opportunities

  8. Establish contracts with key customers in delivering services at their doorsteps

  9. Deliver client presentations for key customers

  10. Orchestrate the team to get the maximum time utilizations

  11. Maintain the manufacturing facility in working order at all times

  12. Able to prudently forecast business and inventory

  13. Advise, support and monitor our local business development team where available.

  14. Mobilize themselves for outreach to develop paid patient services where business development team is not deployed

  15. Educate and train the staff and BD team on business opportunities and selling skills

  16. Establish and maintain an updated database of customers: Orthopedic Surgeons, General Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Diabetologists and other relevant specialties

  17. Prepare database of potential partner institutions like orthopedic centers and diabetology centers

  18. Prepare, negotiate and ink referral contracts

  19. Establish robust cash collection systems together with Finance Department

  20. Organize awareness seminars, symposia and conferences

  21. Participate in congresses and seminars organized by other organizations and specialties

  22. Continuously look for collaborating partners in new locations

  23. Explore, experiment and roll out new Paid Patient Services Avenues

  24. Identify and Exploit local donors in the area.

  25. Continuously monitor and report competitive environment and technological developments

  26. Maintain a database of HR suitable for business development across Pakistan

  27. Other miscellaneous opportunities related to paid patient services

  28. Ensure sustainability of Chal Foundation through fundraising to sustain its free of charge and quality to suit lifestyles prosthetics orthotics

  29. Develop a comprehensive database of individual, corporate, social sector (national and international) donors for Chal Foundation

  30. Develop Relationships with donors in database and maintain an updated record of all meetings and proceedings with them.

  31. Network with International Donors for receiving disability related Grants & Projects for Pakistan directly with CHAL.

  32. Explore New Partnerships/Associations/Projects

  33. Building new associations with corporate companies, donor agencies, and like-minded organizations to expand CHAL presence & reach in the major cities & provinces.

  34. Arrange/participate in disability related events, seminars, focusing on creating awareness on the foundation's role towards helping disabled people.

  35. Organize fundraising events, inviting donors and corporate organizations to contribute for the cause.

  36. Lead and develop a team of volunteers to carry out fundraising activities

  37. Develop and oversee the successful execution of a communication strategy highlighting organizational strengths and how they can be utilized to create awareness.

  38. Advise and guide digital marketing team for impactful communication and advertising

  39. Overseeing creative content generation, including establishment of campaign ideas & themes by the marketing team

  40. Build a system for developing and managing Donating Patients.

  41. Facilitate strategic advocacy through awareness platforms

  42. Outreach to influencers, celebrities, organizations to create awareness for the Brand and Fund raising.

  43. Conduct market research to ensure continuous organizational growth and tapping into new audiences/target markets with regards to Chal foundation’s work & activities.

  44. Develop deep networks with members of Orthopedics, Endocrinologists and Neurologist for donating poor patient referrals.

  45. Be able to supervise and coach a donor development executive

High competitive remuneration package awaits the right candidate. CF is the largest networks of Prosthetics and Orthotics Centers in Pakistan.

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